“The door is open…”


Director: Zara Nelson Sargsyan

Cast: Hovhannes Babakhanyan, Naira Shahiryan, Mari Msryan

Coordinator: Hasmik Ter-Karapetyan

This is a strange and real story…

A love story via telephone that starts in between a writer and a disabled woman lasts for several weeks and obviously it should come to the end …

Long talks they used to have reaching both hearts… He is becoming addicted to her “stupid talks” as he called it in the very begining. He found her challenging. She is simply trying to have some interesting time flirting with a well known writer to make a bit interesting her lonely and boring life.

“The play that I start not to be bored is becoming dangerous, seems like thinking of him, following him becoming necessity for me…”  she says at some point.

“Seems like I really do miss her silly talks” he says at the same point.

No doubt they will meet in real… and then it will make no difference for him if she is a disable or not because if the soul mate exists he found one…

Film produced by Public TV of Armenia and Bem YPAC.


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