Photo Exhibition ‘Canals of Amsterdam’

This was first photo exhibition of Vako Armeno in Yerevan and it was Bem YPAC’s honor to present his collection ‘Canals of Amsterdam’ 

DATE: TWO DAYS ONLY – April 8, 9


ABOUT THE ARTIST: Born in Lebanon, Vako Armeno graduated from Toros-Roslin Fine Arts Academy in Beirut, Lebanon and later earned his master’s degree in fine arts from the Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts, Armenia.  His paintings have been featured in private and collective exhibitions in Jordan, Cyprus, Greece and Lebanon, among other places.  Additionally, private collectors from Armenia, Greece, Kuwait, UK, Germany, Indonesia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States have also obtained Armeno’s brightly imaginative works. 

Exhibition was meant to become a reason for an environmental discussion, aimed to find out what kind of action will be effective to prevent wood cutting in Teghut forest. As a result a bike tour was initiated and took place last Sunday. See photos in the post called

Save Teghut.   


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